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The Vinyl Hoodie

The Vinyl Hoodie

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  • High-Quality Performance Fabric: 63% Rayon, 30% Polyester, 7% Spandex. The Rayon makes this the softest, most comfortable hoodie around (guaranteed). The Polyester makes it durable, and the spandex makes it stretchy enough for athletic movements like the golf swing.
  • Superior Fit and Comfort: We went through numerous iterations of this golf hoodie to make sure it’s perfect to swing in. We narrowed the waistline to prevent it from flapping during swings. The cuffs were adjusted to strike the perfect balance between being snug and avoiding excess looseness when addressing the ball.
  • Features: We added invisible zipper pockets. We tightened the stitching on the hood to reduce it’s movement during the swing, and we took out the draw stings so they don’t dangle in your eye line when you address the ball.
  • Grow the game: 10% of all of our sales are donated to the First Tee of Greater Charleston.
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Inspired by golf in the 1970's, designed for golf in the 2020's. We considered every last detail to make sure you can swing as freely as possible while looking your best on chilly days at the course. 


This hoodie was thoughtfully designed with your swing in mind. Our primary focus was to create a tapered waist, ensuring that it stays neatly in place during your follow-through without rising up and interfering with your belt. Therefore, if you find yourself between sizes, we recommend clubbing up and going with the larger size to guarantee a comfortable fit and unrestricted movement. However, if you typically wear the same size across all your clothing, we suggest sticking with that size for consistency.


Product Features

  • 63% Rayon, 30% polyester, and 7% spandex. The Rayon shell gives it a soft, comfortable feel and a casual look. The polyester-spandex trim gives this hoodie the performance and durability qualities every golfer expects. 
  • Invisible Zipper Pockets. The zipper is perfect for the course. Keep your hands warm in the the pockets, or zip them up and stow away your tees and balls discreetly. 
  • Cuff tightness. Not too baggy or too tight during the swing.
  • No drawstrings. So they don't dangle when you address the ball.
  • Tightened Hood Stitching. To make sure it won't move around during the swing. 
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