Our Story

My name is Henry McGannon and I am the founder of RealGolfers. I am a life-long golfer and caddy, so it’s safe to say I have worn my fair share of golf shirts. Nothing is better than a new golf shirt, whether you wear them at work or in your day-to-day life.

One day in late 2019 I was getting ready to play golf. As I looked through my collection of golf shirts, I realized something: of the 30 or so golf shirts I owned, I had only paid for 1 or 2 of them. The rest were from courses I had worked or tournaments I had played in. 

I wondered: “Why have I purchased so few golf shirts? I love golf shirts and wear them every day, yet I wear the same old shirts each day. Why is that?”

The answer was that I didn’t want to spend $90 to $150 on a golf shirt when I could spend that on gloves or range balls or equipment. 

My favorite shirt brands were far too expensive.

That is why I started RealGolfers (RG). High end golf shirts are just too expensive.  Well, at least they were before RG!  We work hard to make sure our shirts are comfortable, durable and great looking with an emphasis on keeping the price reasonable. That’s why RealGolfers exists. 

The joy of playing golf is for everyone. We would be honored to have you wearing RG shirts and other attire when you make your first par,  play in your weekly foursome or win your first tournament.