Ryan White - Ocean Course

What is your full name?
Ryan White
Where are you from?
Toronto, Canada
When did you first start playing golf?
Age 13.
When did you start looping? Is there a particular reason why you started looping?
I tried the assistant pro thing for a while, and in between jobs I started looping. I loved being outside, so I stuck with it.
Do you remember your first loop?
My first loop was a single bag at Cassique - One of two private courses on Kiawah Island.
If you have looped at multiple courses - Which ones, and how do they differ? 
River Course/Cassique, Berkeley Hall (36 holes), Mountain Top, Ocean Course. All distinctly unique.
Do you live close to the course you currently loop at? Can you take us through your mornings when you arrive at work?
Haha no! It's an hour long drive and anything can happen - Deer, traffic, a cement truck going 6mph. Always ready to pivot if need be. 
What are the conditions like at The Ocean Course? 
Usually pretty spectacular. The wind at the Ocean Course can blow very hard, to the point where it is almost unplayable. But if the wind is somewhat tame, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
What is the best way to deal with the wind at The Ocean Course?
Take more club, and swing easy. The most important and difficult part about playing in the wind is committing to the shot. Good contact, and compressing the ball both down wind and into it are the only way a player has a chance to hit fairways and greens.
Has caddying improved your own golf game? Or possibly hurt?
Looping hasn’t really improved my game, but it has helped me take my own advice, lol.
What are some typical things that players do that drive you nuts?
Listening to what their playing partners say how a shot might be playing instead of the caddie.
What are some typical things that players do that you love?
When the player misses a green - Grab the club you’re most likely to play and walk off. We don’t need to hold your hand on every shot
Are there any indicators that a golfer will be a good player or bad player before you tee off? 
I wish.
Are there any indicators that this will be a good loop or a bad loop?
Type of bag, member tags, general dress. There are definitely indicators, but you can't always read a book by it's cover.
Do you have any one-liners you like to use on the course? 
Forward and findable.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in a player's bag?
Frying pan.
How do you help your players play better? How do you help them have a good time?
Tips on chipping, help them stay positive, and the odd joke.
Do you like to focus completely on golf or more on the social aspect of caddying? 
Depends on the loop. Sometimes it’s chatty, other times it’s straight edge and all about golf. 
Overall, what is your favorite part about looping?
Everyday is different.
Do you have a favorite caddie story? 
Once caddied for a gentleman who won his own son’s memorial tournament. Not a dry eye in the house.
Have you gained/learned anything from caddying?
You learned to be very open minded because you deal with all walks of life and different personalities. You’re there to give these players the best day possible. You really have to be a chameleon. I’ve made some amazing friends and met some unbelievable people through this job. Both co-workers and guests. It’s given’ me some great opportunities and some life long friendships. And the playing privileges are a nice perk too. 
Feel free to add anything else
Lol, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to tipping.

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