Morgan "MOMO" Gleniewicz-Roxiticus GC, Ocean Course

Where are you from?
Randolph, New Jersey
When did you first start playing golf?
I didn’t start playing until I was a sophomore in high school, but grew up around the game as a young kid. My grandparents lived in Bluffton, South Carolina in a community called Sun City. (Shoutout Jim and Alva) Luckily enough, they lived on the 14th hole. Late in the afternoon when most of the golfers were off the course, Gpop would bring us out just to mess around. I thank him for teaching me the basics and the mannerisms of the game.
When did you start caddying?
I first started working at Roxiticus golf club as a freshman in high school at 15. I couldn’t drive at this point so my parents would drive me to the course after school and on the weekends. In the beginning I was in the cart barn, cleaning carts/clubs, talking with members, and fixing the range. 
Do you remember your first loop?
I do remember my first loop, it was an interesting one. While being a cart guy, one of the members asked me to caddie for him. While I knew a little bit of the game, I didn’t play much so I told him I would caddy for him, but don’t expect too much. Ended up carrying a single bag and it was a nice stroll. I was basically out there to spot balls and make sure every club was spotless.
Have you caddied anywhere else?
I started caddying at the ocean course as a junior at the college of Charleston. One of my closest buddies from school, Tobias, was looping there at the time and told me I should come on board because they were low on guys. I was hired in March of 2021 right before the PGA Championship. It was a super cool experience that I will never forget. Pete Dye is an absolute legend.
When you caddied at The Ocean Course, did you live close to the course?
Caddying throughout college I lived downtown, Charleston. Many of the other caddies lived on James/John’s island. My commute to work every day was an hour door to door. While the drive was sometimes a challenge, I loved every second of it.
Has caddying improved your own golf game?
Caddying most definitely improved my golf game. Without working at a course in high school, I might’ve not even picked it up. I was mainly focused on basketball.
Is there anything that players you’re caddying for do that drives you nuts?
There’s a couple things that will make me on edge while caddying for people. The main one is when my player looks at me and says “Really, are you sure?” Like bro cmon, I’ve been out here all day with you, and I’ve been doing this as a young kid, yea I am sure. Also, having iron covers is a big no no for me. I’ll respect the driver, wood, and hybrid covers so they don’t get damaged. But irons are meant to be bashed on. I will take them off right away.
Is there anything that players you’re caddying for do that you love?
There’s nothing like when your player comes up to you after the round and thanks you for how great you were and when they tell you that you were the best caddie they’ve ever had. 
Are there any indicators that a golfer will be a good player or bad player? 
There are definitely some indicators. But after caddying for almost 10 years I’ve learned you truly can’t judge a book by the cover. I’ve seen plenty of players with 20 year old clubs break 80.
Do you have any one-liners you like to use on the course? 
There’s so many to choose from but one of my favorites is when a player asks if the shot they hit is good or not because they can’t see what’s in front of them and go “it’s good if you like perfect!”
How do you help your players play better? How do you help them have a good time?
To be honest, I just like to keep the vibes up. A good caddie can learn their players' game in less than a couple of holes. The best is when you can just give them a club and they trust you. They’ll stick it right around the pin and look at you like you’re a god. “How did you do that!?” 
Do you like to focus completely on golf or more on the social aspect of caddying? (What’s your favorite way of caddying)
Definitely more of a vibes guy, if you’re a good person and we can get along we will have a great day. But if you’re taking it too seriously and grinding out every shot (even when you’re lying 6 150 yards from the hole), not so much. Just know that you’re not on the PGA tour and a recreational golfer 
What is you’re favorite thing about caddying?
Being outside and meeting new people. You never know who you’ll meet on the golf course. 
What is your favorite caddy story? 
One of my favorite caddie stories happened at the ocean course. Myself and a veteran caddie who has been there for 20 plus years were caddying in a huge group for some private club guys. (Note from the editor: Private club guys are THE WORST) They played the day before with different caddies. We got to the 6th hole and one of the guys asked the other caddie for a read. The pin was middle back and the player was putting from the bottom right of the green.
The caddie told him to play it out on the right side and he rolled it 6 feet by the flag (terrible pace). The player proceeds to look at the caddie and say “what the fuck was that, the caddy I had yesterday was a 10x better caddie than you”.
My colleague then proceeds to look at his player and say “Well okay, then carry your own clubs then.” The player then started running up to the caddie, with his fists up yelling “What did you say to me!?”. 
I thought I was about to see it go down. I ran over there, broke them up and told everyone to chill. The 7th hole was an awkward one and luckily we saw the cart girl on 8. All the tension was gone and ended up having a good day. 
Have you learned anything from caddying?
Caddying allows you to meet so many good people. Even if you are having a bad day, take the time to converse with your guest. You’ll never know who you’ll be looping for on any given day.

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