Kenny McAvoy-PGA Tour, Ocean Course


Many consider Sylvester Stallone a man’s man. Well, Kenny McAvoy is a caddy’s caddy. From South Carolina, Kenny can get along with just about anyone. His relaxed personality makes him a perfect caddy for the big boys on TOUR, and it doesn’t hurt his tips at the Ocean Course. He’s caddied on the Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour and even the LPGA Tour. As well as 7 windy years at the Ocean Course.

How did you get a bag on TOUR?

Through his time at the Ocean Course, Kenny met a few other loopers who caddied on TOUR. He has always enjoyed caddying and has always been good at it, so he thought caddying on TOUR might be a fun thing for him to try.
“I’ve always loved caddying. I met a TOUR player named Derek Ernst a few years back. He basically showed me the path to staying out there (Caddying on TOUR), by meeting other players and caddies.” Kenny said.
Like many jobs, who you know is important. Considering Kenny’s knowledge of the game and his laid-back personality, finding bags on TOUR isn’t too difficult, it just takes some good old fashioned networking.

What’s the difference between caddying on TOUR and caddying for amateur golfers at the Ocean Course? 

There are a few reasons why caddying on TOUR is drastically different from caddying for golfers at the Ocean Course. On TOUR, caddies are working for golfers who are better at golf than you or I could ever be. TOUR players, and their caddies, are competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the pressure is enormous. At the Ocean Course, caddies are working for golfers who struggle to break 90 and who are playing for fun under little or no pressure. 
“There is one main difference between caddying at the Ocean Course and on TOUR-On TOUR every single shot matters. There’s no mulligans off the first, or ‘we can just play this as a hazard and drop up here by the 150 plate’.” Kenny said 
Another difference-20+ handicaps need a lot more help than the best players in the world.
“I feel like i’m a lot more of use at the Ocean Course compared to on TOUR. At the Ocean Course, you are reading every single putt, giving your thoughts on club selection, wind direction. You’re really involved in helping the player break 90 or 100. With a TOUR pro, you are basically giving numbers. Straight facts. It’s this far to the front edge, back edge, to the bunker. TOUR players typically factor in the elements themselves. We will occasionally be asked to read a putt or two, maybe even pick a club, but it’s not on every shot like at the Ocean Course.” Kenny said.

What is the best part of caddying on TOUR and at the Ocean Course?

“The best part of both is that you’re around people who love golf.”

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