Brian "Coldcut" Hocutt-Pinehurst, Streamsong, Ocean Course

Brian “Coldcut” Hocutt is from Wendell, North Carolina. He has been playing golf since he was 4. His caddy career began in 2015 at the legendary Pinehurst No. 2. After Pinehurst, he moved on to caddy at Streamsong Resort in Florida, and currently at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.
How did you get into golf?
Most members of the Coldcut family played golf while he was growing up. So naturally, he picked up the game at a young age. 
His cousin, Todd Parrish, was someone he looked up to on the course. He was a great player, but Coldcut said he struggled on the greens. “I wanted to play golf like him. He was a really great ball striker, but his putting wasn’t the best. That’s probably why I suck at it too.” Coldcut said. 
When did you start caddying?
Coldcut was introduced to caddying in 2015. At the time, he was laying hardwood floors for a living. He was making pretty good money doing that, and enjoying it. But one day his wife came across a job listing that sounded pretty intriguing: Pinehurst caddy. She showed him the ad and he filled out the application, “like any husband would.” 
Despite growing up 90 minutes down tobacco road from Pinehurst, Coldcut had never been there until his interview for the caddy position. When he got there, he liked what he saw. “It was love at first sight. Who wouldn’t want to work at Pinehurst every day.” said Coldcut. Pinehurst offered him the job as a caddy and he took it.
What courses have you caddied at?
After caddying for 3 years in Pinehurst, Coldcut moved to Florida to work at Streamsong. “To describe my career at Streamsong, it’s very tough.” Coldcut said. “The golf there is unreal, I miss every day I had at Streamsong. I was there for 3 years, until Covid hit in 2020.” 
Now he’s looping at the Ocean course on Kiawah Island. He misses streamsong, but he likes the Ocean Course too. He typically caddies in the afternoon, but doesn’t mind the late loops. “I normally get afternoon loops, but it’s ok with me. The sunsets at Kiawah are beautiful.”
Favorite Caddy Story?
“You want to know about caddie stories? Well if you ever have Coldcut on your bag, every round is a story.” 
Coldcut told me about one particular loop, when he caddied for “a guy who was a professor” in Pinehurst. 
“What a great guy. When I met him, he had on knickers and a pimp hat. He spoke with an accent and was very knowledgeable about golf. He works for Linksoul out in California. We bonded right from the start. This guy was in his 70’s and still played with persimmon woods and old blades. He shot mid-70’s on Pinehurst No. 2 with those clubs. To this day, we still talk and exchange ideas.”
Favorite caddy one-liner?
“Sir, do you want the $100 read, or the $140 dollar read?”
What is the best part of the job?
Coldcut’s favorite thing about caddying is meeting the guests. “For 5 hours I get to hang out with millionaires, CEO’s, people from all over the world with different backgrounds. Getting to know these people is a great gift that the caddying profession gives me.”
Coldcut tells me he has learned a lot from caddying. He's learned to appreciate the game of golf more, and he is grateful for the friends he has made throughout his caddy career. “They all have a spot in my heart.”

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