What is a swing thought, and should you have one?

What is a swing thought?

A swing thought is a simple phrase that helps a golfer make a confident, relaxed, committed swing. It is best to limit swing thoughts to one or two words, or a very short phrase. “Tempo”, “Balance”, “Trust”, and “Finish” are four very common and effective swing thoughts. 

How do I develop a swing thought?

What are you working on? Are you working on a smooth take away or a smooth transition at the top? “Tempo” is a great swing thought for these goals. Are you working on finishing your swing? “Finish”. Have you had trouble with certain clubs or committing to specific shots? “Trust” is a great swing thought. If you don’t trust your swing, do you really have a chance? To develop your own swing thought, ask yourself these questions - What do I want to focus on today? What do I need to do to play my best? Find a simple word or phrase that reminds you of what you need to do to hit the shot you want to hit. 

How do I implement a swing thought?

This can be tricky. The whole point of swing thoughts is to keep your mind from racing while you’re standing over the ball. There are a million variables in golf. So instead of thinking about all of those, use your swing thought to zero in on your specific swing thought.  The best way to use a swing thought is when you address the ball. Think of your swing thought, then pull the trigger. That’s it. It sounds so simple, but like the golf swing, it takes practice. But over time you will develop a swing thought that really works for you, and it will be more valuable than any club you can buy.

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