The Problem With Golf Shirts

Every golfer has a collection of golf shirts. Some might have 3 or 4, and some might have 30 or 40. Just like everything else, golf shirts are not without their fair share of problems. In this blog post, we will explore some common issues with golf shirts and discuss potential solutions to enhance their performance, durability, and overall satisfaction for golfers of all levels.

The biggest issue with golf shirts is obvious. It’s a problem that every single golfer has faced, and a question we have all asked ourselves: “How the heck does this golf shirt cost $90??” (Sometimes $100, $120). To tell you the truth, we’re not sure how golf shirts got to the point where they started to cost such a pretty penny. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on greens fees? We want our golf shirts to be affordable. At $60, we hope you can buy one or two of our polos and take the money you saved and go play a nice course, or go get a lesson. We're also committed to growing our favorite game, which is why donate 10% of every sale to the First Tee of Greater Charleston

Anyway, let's discuss some of the performance issues with golf shirts, and possible solutions to these issues. 

  • Lack of Breathability and Moisture Management: One of the primary issues with some golf shirts is their limited breathability and moisture management capabilities. Cotton polos commonly have this issue. Cotton is great for the winter, or cold weather in general. However, golf is a physically demanding sport, and players often find themselves sweating profusely on the course. Shirts that trap heat and moisture can lead to discomfort, chafing, and frustration, which can get in the way of playing well.

To address this challenge, we like to focus on using moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. Fabrics infused with technologies like polyester blends, microfibers, and mesh panels allow for better ventilation, quick drying, and efficient moisture management, keeping golfers cool and comfortable during their rounds.

  • Restricted Range of Motion: Golf requires a full range of motion for effective swings and fluid movement. Some golf shirts, particularly those with limited stretch, can restrict the golfer's freedom of movement. This limitation can affect swing mechanics, impact comfort, and cause performance to suffer. It’s hard to make birdies when your shirt restricts your backswing! We’re not sure how old timey players like Bobby Jones played so well in button down shirts and ties!

To avoid restriction, golf shirt designs should incorporate stretchable fabrics or include strategic stretch panels in key areas like the shoulders, back, and arms. By providing enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement, golf can worry more about making birdies and less about their shirt!

  • Fading and Pilling: Repeated laundering and exposure to sunlight can cause golf shirts to fade over time, diminishing their visual appeal. Additionally, friction from golf bag straps or abrasive surfaces can lead to pilling, creating a worn-out and unattractive appearance.

To combat fading and pilling on our polos, we employ colorfast dyes and implement innovative fabric treatments that resist fading and maintain vibrancy. Reinforced stitching techniques and the use of durable fabrics (polyester-spandex blends) help prevent pilling and maintain the shirt's integrity over multiple rounds. We would go as far as saying you could wear our shirts for 100 rounds, easily. A couple tips we will give you to extend the life of your polos is this: wash them on cold and hang dry them. This is how you avoid pilling. Another tip, this one is especially for white shirts: Don’t wipe your sweaty face on your shoulders. When you do this, dirt, sweat, sunscreen and whatever else is on your face will be stuck in the shirt and difficult to remove. Wipe your face on your towel when possible.

  • Limited Style Options: While functionality is crucial, golfers also seek stylish apparel options on the course. However, some golf shirts lack variety in design, colors, and patterns, limiting the golfer's ability to express their personal style.

To cater to diverse tastes, we have been introducing a wider range of colors, patterns, and design elements. In addition to this, we do small runs of each design. We don’t want 10,000 golfers to be wearing the same shirt. We want you to feel good in your RealGolfers polo! We want you to feel like an individual. We want you to swing your own swing out there, because it’s the only swing in the world like it. 

Golf shirts play a significant role in a golfer's comfort, performance, and style. Addressing the common problems associated with these shirts can make golf a little more fun. By prioritizing breathability, range of motion, durability, and style options, we attempt to create apparel that meets the demands and preferences of golfers.

As golf continues to evolve, we’ll try to do the same. We want to adapt and innovate, continually seeking solutions for the challenges faced by golfers. By doing so, we hope our shirts will not only perform well but also make golfers feel confident, comfortable, and stylish as they step onto the course. So, let's embrace the potential for improvement and work towards a future where golf shirts exceed expectations and deliver exceptional performance for golfers of all levels.

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