How To Find The Right Golf Group To Play With

What we’ll discuss
  • What type of golfer are you? Do you want to play a serious round of golf where you putt everything out, and don’t take mulligans? Do you value the social aspect of golf more than anything else? Do you want to play as fast as possible? Let’s answer this question, then talk about how to find like-minded golfers. 
    You value the social side of golf more than anything.
    • Do you treat the golf course like a sanctuary to relax at? You really value the social aspect of golf. Good news! This is probably the easiest type of golf group to find, as most golfers would fall under this category.
    • The best place to look for a group like this is within your existing network of friends and colleagues. Since you don’t care too much about going low, you don’t need to find a group that is chock full of scratch golfers. Ask a few of your buddies if they want to go play some golf this weekend. Oftentimes people will shy away from golf because they're new to the game or not very good. Tell them you’re not very good at golf either, and you just want to have a good time out there. 
    • If you can't recruit any friends to tee it up with you, join a local twilight league. These leagues are often referred to as "beer leagues", which should give you a pretty good idea of the vibe.
    You want to putt everything out, and shoot a score.
    • Would you prefer to play golf with serious golfers, who putt it out and don’t take two off the first (and 2nd and 3rd and 8th)? You want to shoot a score and work on your game with other good players, and maybe even get a friendly match going.  
    • If you’re looking for a group like this, play in some local tournaments. They could be competitive tournaments like city championships, or less serious events like four balls or even scrambles. You’ll meet like minded golfers at competitive events. 
    • Another way to find fellow serious golfers is to hit the practice area. Leave the headphones behind, and chat it up with someone else who is practicing. If they’re practicing, odds are they take the game pretty seriously too. “Working on your bump n’ runs? That’s my go to shot!” If someone is practicing golf, they probably would be happy to chat about golf with another player.
    You don’t mind who you play with, you just want to play as quickly as possible
    • All you care about is playing as fast as possible? You want to play 18 holes in as little time as possible and move on with your day. 
    • If this is you, show up to the golf course bright and early to find the right group for you. The pace of play gets slower and slower throughout the day at the golf course, and lightning golfers know this. If you want to find a group that plays as quickly as you, book the first tee time of the day as a single, and you’ll meet your people. 
    • The same goes for the last round of the day (depending on the golf course). Oftentimes golf courses clear out by 3 or 4pm. This is your chance to play 18 holes in 107 minutes! For instance, here in Charleston, SC, you would not want to go to the Muni to play a quick round in the evening. But on the other hand, nearby Patriots Point Golf Links is pretty wide open in the afternoon. If you time it right, you can fly around.
    • If you just love being at the course with other golfers and you’re looking for a new group to play with, ask your buddies to play! Or join a local “beer league”.
    • If you want to play real golf and you’re looking for a group that wants the same thing, play in some tourneys! Local city championships, or any competitive event. In addition, hit the practice area!
    • If you want to find a group that wants to play as quickly as you, show up for the first or last tee time of the day! If you’re first on the grass, there’s nobody in front of you to slow you down!

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