A Review of the FlopShot Hoodie

RealGolfers is a little known golf apparel brand based in Charleston, SC.
Almost nobody in the golf world outside of the LowCountry in South Carolina has heard of RealGolfers. Having said that, those who are familiar with RealGolfers are pleased to be acquainted with the brand.
The FlopShot hoodie, part of their golf hoodie collection, is designed specifically with the golf swing in mind. It is named the FlopShot Hoodie because you need a soft touch to hit a good flop shot, and the hoodie is soft to the touch. It’s loaded with features, and one of them is bound to be something that is important to you on the golf course. Here is a list of features straight from the RealGolfers website; my thoughts on the features will follow.
  • Performance Fabric Blend
  • Hidden Zipper Pockets
  • Cuff and Waistband Tightness designed for golf
  • Weighted Hood with a hidden logo underneath
  • Drawstrings Removed
Performance Fabric
RealGolfers crafted the FlopShot Hoodie with the mechanics of the golf swing in mind. Blending 63% Rayon for a premium, natural look, 30% Polyester for moisture-wicking and durability reasons, and 7% Spandex to create enough flexibility for a golfer with the same swing as John Daly. This fabric blend assures comfort, style, and performance every time you step on the grass.
Hidden Zipper Pockets
In 2024, hoodies are more than acceptable at virtually every golf course in the country. After all, the US Ryder Cup team did wear hoodies at Whistling Straits in 2021. With that being said, you still want to look respectable and professional when you’re at your favorite track. That’s precisely why RealGolfers removed the traditional hoodie “Kangaroo Pocket”, and replaced it with hidden zipper pockets. You really can’t see these pockets at all, and they’re big enough to store all of your tees, ball markers, and whatever else you need to play.
Cuff and Waistband Tightness
The cuff and waistband might be an afterthought for some companies, but not RealGolfers. The FlopShot Hoodie addresses cuff issues - not too tight to hinder the backswing or too loose to snag on the club. Now, focus on the waistband: it should stay snug to avoid riding up during the swing follow-through, ensuring freedom of movement without restriction. You don’t have to worry about any of these issues with the FlopShot Hoodie.
Weighted Hood
The significance of a weighted hood might be overlooked by some, but every detail counts for RealGolfers. Regardless of your swing speed-be it 65 mph or 115 mph-a weighted hood ensures it stays in place during the swing, eliminating unnecessary distractions on the golf course. Not to mention there is a cool little RealGolfers logo underneath the hood that is only visible when you’re wearing the hood. 
Drawstrings Removed
When you address the golf ball, the last thing you want to see is a couple of drawstrings dangling in your line of sight to the ball. Pretty simple, and the reason why RealGolfers removed any drawstrings from the FlopShot Hoodie.
We’ve covered some of the best features, now let’s talk about what stands out when you get one of these hoodies in your hands
When I first tried on the FlopShot Hoodie, I was immediately struck by its weight and texture. It’s a heavy hoodie, ideal for cool days on the grass between 45 and 60 degrees. With a layer underneath, you’ll be perfectly comfortable while you knock in those 12 foot birdie putts (or bogey putts, no judgment). With that being said, this hoodie is still great on warmer days thanks to the breathable features of the polyester. The hand feel is a unique combination of stretchiness and heavy weight, giving it a plush touch - both heavy and soft, yet with full stretch capabilities.
Price Point
The FlopShot Hoodie comes in at a $90 price point. Compared to other hoodies on the market, this is a pretty solid price. With companies like Rhoback and Footjoy charging around $110, and companies like Greyson and Peter Milar charging around $150 for their hoodies, $90 is a pretty easy price to get behind. Not to mention, RealGolfers donates 10% of all sales to their local First Tee Chapter in Charleston, SC. 
It’s more affordable, but is there a catch? 
How does the quality and durability stand up to the other brands? This is up to you to decide, but there are some factors you can consider when choosing which hoodie to wear next time you go play the game we all love. How durable is the hoodie? Does it shrink in the dryer? Will the colors fade over time? Does it stain easily when I spill my glizzy ketchup on it at the turn? All hoodies are not created equal, so it can take time to answer these questions.
With the FlopShot Hoodie, it takes a LONG time to find issues. The color won’t fade in the sun because the synthetic fibers used in the hoodie are dyed. After washing and drying the FlopShot Hoodie over 30 times, I can assure you it won’t lose its shape or shrink. The polyester increases the durability of the hoodie - I will say it is best to hang dry these hoodies. Rayon has a tendency to pill, but if you hang dry this hoodie that won’t be an issue for you. And in my experience, stains come out of this hoodie quite easily in the washer. 
Limited Color Options
Let’s be honest, RealGolfers is a small, self funded company. They don’t have the inventory capabilities that the big guys like Footjoy and Nike do, so the selection of colors is limited to 4. With that being said, who doesn’t love supporting the little guy? The 4 available colors are Mint Green, Sand Tan, Grey, and Forest Green. While the limited color options may not be ideal, RealGolfers views it as a good thing for the golfer. They intentionally maintain small and frequent product releases to ensure every golfer who wears their gear has a unique garment they are proud of. This prevents the common occurrence of seeing more than one golfer wearing the same shirt at the course. 


The FlopShot Hoodie will be a staple of your golf wardrobe for years to come. It’s long lasting, comfortable, warm, and functional. You can really tell how much time RealGolfers put into this hoodie - iterating on different features, and improving the ones they like. They really considered the needs of golfers when constructing this hoodie, and you’ll be able to tell when you step onto the first tee wearing it.


  • Peter Maxwell

    I recently came across some golf shirts at https://hooliegolf.com/collections/hoolie-tees that I really liked. I think the fashion is beautiful and up to date. I know I’m not the best golfer on weekends, but I want to look stunning on the course!

  • Coach Jim

    Staple of my golf wardrobe? You bet! I have played golf all my life and the Real Golfers attire is the best I have ever worn. It is comfortable, fits great, launders well and is stylish. And the pricing is like “How do they do this?” Great job RG, keep it up!

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