How To Play Golf

Question: How to play golf?

Answer: However you want. You certainly can grind your way to becoming a great player. Anyone can become a great golfer, that is our favorite thing about this lovely game. You don't need to be 6'5, you don't need to weigh 230 pounds, you don't need to jump high or run fast. You just need a desire to improve. You can also play golf purely for fun. It isn't necessary to keep score. If you're competitive with yourself or others, you can keep score in your own way. Whether that is measuring your strokes against par, keeping track of who how many shots you hit well and how many you didn't or even something simple like who made the longest putt of the day, or who hit the longest drive of the day. The short answer to the question 'how to play golf' is this: Have fun. Do whatever you need to do to have fun out there. It's a game, after all.

Question: How to swing a golf club?

Answer: A great golfer by the name of Ben Hogan once said: "If you have a good grip, good alignment and good ball position, then you have a chance." There is more than one way to swing a golf club effectively. But all good golf swings have to have a good grip of the club, good alignment and good ball position. Gripping the club is simply how you hold the club in your hands before you swing it. There is more than one way to grip the club: interlock, overlap and baseball grip are 3 common and effective ways of doing so. You can find youtube videos describing how to hold the club all 3 of these ways. There is no right or wrong way to grip the golf club, whatever feels best to you is the way to go. Ball position is where the ball is in relation to your feet when you address it before swinging. Having it to far up or back in your stance can hurt the golf swing. Different shots call for different ball positions, you can certainly find youtube videos about how to work on ball position. Alignment is simply where you are aiming. You can work on alignment by laying down a club or stick, between you and the ball, facing your target. Then address the ball with your feet parallel to the alignment stick, and you're good to go! Everything related to the golf swing is all about feel. There is no wrong or right way to swing the golf club. Just do what looks and feels best for you! If you look at the best golfers in the world, no two swings are alike. Everyone is different. 

Question: How to hit a golf ball?

Answer: Hard and Far! Tee it high, and let it fly! Grip it, and rip it!

Question: Why play golf?

Answer: Don't get us started. We can talk all day about why you should play golf. There are physical, mental and social benefits to playing golf. Playing 18 holes, especially walking 18 holes, has massive health benefits. Carrying your own bag for 18 holes is roughly 5 miles of walking, which is great for the heart. You also burn anywhere from 1200 to 2000 calories carrying your bag for 18 holes, making golf a great cardio work out. Mentally, golf is challenging, just like life. There are more variables and obstacles in golf than any other game. Every day is different, just like life. If you can make it around the golf course with a level head on your shoulders, that is a great sign. If you can't, keep trying! Perseverance in golf is can translate to real life situations. Golf is also the most social game there is. Whether you play the same course or a different course every time, you're bound to meet new people who have similar interests as you, especially in the covid era. A tee time a local municipal course will likely end up with you playing with 3 other people you have not met, and spending hours with them. If you consistently play the same course, you're likely to develop a group of golf buddies who you can hang out with on and off the course. 


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