What is The Story Behind The Jester Hat?

    Early 2021 - RealGolfers is just getting started - I was playing golf with a good buddy of mine, Twigg. Great player. We were on the back 9 at the newly renovated Charleston Muni, and I was rambling on about RG. He mentioned that I needed some sort of logo. It's pretty funny, RG had been up and running for about 6 months and I hadn’t thought that I may want a logo for it. What a great businessman I was.

    Anyway, when I got home that night I spent some time thinking about possible logos. Maybe an animal that is native to Charleston? Maybe a golf club? Maybe a palm tree? I wanted to come up with a logo that embodied RG: A brand that recognizes there are a million reasons why to play golf, and each of us have our own reasons for why we play. Struggling to think of a decent idea, I needed some inspiration. So I started thinking about all of the nicest golf brands, and realized something. Crowns are a very common logo in golf. To me, crown logos are sort of a status symbol, used by expensive brands that aren't necessarily accessible to everyone. Certainly not a caddy who spends all of his money on greens fees. The crown is not a symbol of all of the different people who play the game and love it. Most of us work for crown type people, why would we wear their logo on the golf course? So, I decided that RealGolfers is the opposite of the crown brands. What is the opposite of a crown?

The Jester Hat. 

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